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Do you agree that you need to have a website to successfully run your business online?

Why do many entrepreneurs not have their own website?

Is it because its too complicated to set it up?

Is it because the developer is too expensive?

Getting a domain is quite cheap and so is hosting. 

But most kinda give up on setting up the website considering the complications most platforms have. 

For eg: Wordpress is supposedly easy to use BUT only for the ones who are technicaly good. 

But what about the rest?

I have another website (http://www.naveenullal.com/) which is run through Godaddy hosting and its got wordpress installed. GOSH! I just cannot get the set up right. I have this domain for about 6 months and it seriously look amateurish. The good thing is I did not hire any developer else I would have spent well over $1000 to get my site up. (May be that's why)

But what if there was a solution?

What if your hosting and set up totally taken care off? 

How quickly would you REALLY get to your business rather than wasting countless hours trying to set up your website?

What if there was a way to customize your website within just a few clicks (literally) and you could see the changes you want in REAL time?

How much time can you really save as an entrepreneur?

Well, there is a solution! 

Click the video below for a demo on how I set up my website.

Pick up your blog here 

Now, when you pick up this server, there are several bonuses lined up for you to market your business online. One of them is you get direct access to the Marketing suite of one of the fastest growing teams in the world today called the Prosperity team. So as soon as you buy the blog/server (I like to call it a server), you will get a welcome email from the prosperity team with instructions to plug yourself into this marketing system. And start promoting your business online! (Btw...You also have the resell rights to this server for a 100% commissions)

PLEASE NOTE : To get access to the prosperity Marketing System, you will have to become an affiliate with Empower Network. 

We have in-depth training on how to post your content and most important of all, we show you how to market your content. Look, in any business, if you are looking to make your presence felt online, you have got to

1. Have a website 
2. Promote your company

This platform is SO SIMPLE to use, you can literally post your content in minutes. Literally point and click. 

Here is the beauty, you can have video posts, audio posts, picture posts and blog posts. In other words its kinda like Youtube, facebook, twitter and all of them combined in this platform. We also have a mobile app where you can post anything from your phone to any of your blogs or websites in a click! 

It just cannot get simpler than this. Go ahead and run your domain through this server and focus on what you really have to focus on and that it your business.

Cheers and God bless!


The lost Interview - Steve Jobs


The lost Interview - Steve Jobs

Isn't he the most powerful visionary of our times?

Didn't his ideas revolutionize the way we look at technology?

In my opnion every entrepreneur SHOULD follow this guy.



Isn't traffic the most important part of your business?

But what are those sources? 

What are those specific websites that only promote? 

Those are the websites that will help to target geologically?

Below are the COOLEST 31 sources of traffic that will help you get traffic, leads and possibly sales quickly...

There are a couple of websites that are down. However, these were recommended by my mentor and I thought you should have it for further use... 

1. Looksmart.com
They aggregate consumer searches from a broad spectrum of search networks, domains and publishers to provide time and resource efficient access to a largely unduplicated cross-section of the search marketplace.

2. Aim4Media.com (international) - Not really sure if this website is still running. The last I checked it was down. 

3. Adoptim.com 

- text ads and other ads
- Based out of Israel
- Niche

4. Izea.com

- Sponsored tweets
- Sponsored blog posting

5. BurstMedia.com 
With this website, advertisers are not confined to only a few large web properties, but have easy access to thousands of high quality content sites that make up the Long Tail of the internet. These sites are where Internet users explore their passions and where advertisers need to be to reach out to their target audiences.

6. Xtendmedia.com - Doesn't seem to open in my system

7. Leadimpact.com 

10+ Million monthly users in major markets worldwide. You can target by individual keyword, enjoy keyword-level conversion tracking and easily control traffic and spending.

8. Blinkads.com - nope

9. 7search.com
This has been the leading pay per click search engine advertising and affiliate Network since their inception in 1999. As a search Engine who is dedicated to value and service for online businesses, 7search.com provides thousands of Web entrepreneurs with an economical and measurable opportunity to obtain internet traffic and generate revenue through their online presence. 

10. Chitika.com (Big Players field)
- 700 monthly search impressions
-keyword targeting across 50000 premium sites
- Pay per click, keyword indexed bid marketplace. 

11. Adoori.com
Adooris traffic network covers more than 250 countries. you can get 30 million visitors through pop unders everyday across the world. Adoori has a lot of traffic particularly in the US, Canada, the UK, Western Europe and Eastern Europe. You can target your audience by keywords, domains and geographic targeting. This brings you greater chance of generating maximized returns on your advertisements by reaching your potential customers. New advertisers can enjoy Adoori advertising services with a start up fee as low as $1.5 CPM. 

12. Admarketplace.com
The Admarketplae pay per click advertising platform delivers search engine performance across their large content network
-Real time, performance based optimization
-500 million ad opportunities per day 
-Reach customers around the world. 
-Expert account management and transparent reporting

13 Kontera.com
Kontera's In-Text band building, targeted ads are hyperlinked keywords and phrases that have been identified in a story as the most relevant to the story's topic. Upon user interaction, an engaging graphical, text, or related content ad is displayed vis Rich Media, video Advertising or custom integrations.
-Large, Exclusive In-text inventory
-Engaged, Qualified Audience
-Exceptional Reach - 100 Million Monthly Uniques
-Superior Semantic Technology

14. Genieknowsmedia.com
Geneknows media is one of the global leaders in Pay per click, In text and Display advertising. Their huge online advertising network allows savvy internet marketers to effectively drive sales leads to web properties of their choice. They are an alternative to Adwords. 

15. clicksor.com - Contextual advertising is known as content-targeted advertising. It works by publishing your text, graphic or rich media advertisement on the relevant affiliated websites that best match your selected targeted key-words or channels, resulting in more conversions and greater returns on investment. 

16. Plentyoffish 
Promote your business on POF, the top users in their ad system have increased their revenues by over %00,000 a month by taking advantage of their taregting capabilities. Many business owners target local consumers based on zip code, age, gender, education, profession etc. 
- No other sites on the web will allow you to target users the way they do! 

17. DirectCPV.com
Give your online marketing campaign the jolt it needs with directCPV's pay per view advertising solution. Starting at just $0.01 for url, keyword and category campaigns and $0.004 for run of network advertising, DirectCPV offers the best value for your advertisement dollar. With a minimum deposit of only $100, DirectCPV is sure to fit any marketing budget. Discover the power of CPV advertising now with directCPV

18. Zedo.com

Zedo ad network is a traffic source for advertisers and affiliates who want to reach specific audience segments at the top of the impressions chain. They serve ads to the right user (Determined through behavioral targeting) at the right time (the first few impressions users see). Offer self serve advertising opportunities. 

19. Pulse360.com
Reach consumers across thousands of sites with one single media buy. your ad will get visibility on sites you trust as MSNBC, comcast.net, GannettDigital, NBC sports, USA today, weather.com, and many more. 
- You can get your sponsored links campaign running for as little as %50

20. advertising.aol.com
Finding your ideal consumer is one thing. Finding millions of them is another. With their targeting solutions, you can extend your message across thousands of sites and reach your customers at scale. 

21. cpxinteractive.com
The CPX Interactive network enables both direct and brand advertisers the opportunity to secure cost effective online media in a global marketplace. 

22. casalemedia.com
I know this is a great site but I couldn't find a way to register. If you do please let me know ..

23. Jemamedia.com
Targeted Domestic and International Traffic. The CPV advertising is derived from desktop applications and select publisher channels, all tested for advertiser quality to achieve a maximum ROI.
-Geo targetin
-Domain Targeting
-Keyword targeting

24. bid.trellian.com
No ads, just targeted direct navigation traffic redirected to your website. This the same traffic search engines buy and resell to their PPC advertisers. All we have done is cut out these middlemen so that you can buy the same traffic for a fraction of a cost 

25. adcenter.microsoft.com
Search Marketing, Extended Content Network and Microsoft Media Network are all programs designed to deliver results for your business and keep you in control. With Microsoft Ad Centre you can advertise on Bing and enjoy a suite of advertising opportunities based on your budget.

26. Harrenmedia.com
Harren Media Network offers access to premium inventory as well as direct response campaigns in a CPM, CPC and Dynamic Pricing basis (CPM & CPC campaigns tied to a CPA goal). They have a team of dedicated account managers works directly based on the advertisers campaign goals and to maximize ROI. 

27. MetaNetwork.com
From developing brand awareness, generating new leads and increasing sales, Meta Network guarantees bottomline results for our online marketing objectives. With over 5 billion monthly impressions on the network, they are able to pinpoint your target audience and increase your ROI. 

28. tlvmedia.com
More than 3 billion impressions per month and growing rapidly. Offers CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, dCPM, CPE models with both manual and algorithmic real time campaign optimization. 
- Dedicated account managers
- Covering all geographies and verticals
- Unique proven targeting methodologies

29. advertising.yahoo.com
- This is old school Yahoo PPC. You can still get a lot of traffic here. Hint: Sign up for international accounts (UK, IE, FRANCE) because most affiliates wont do this.

30. Adwords.google.com
This is just AWESOME if you are not already slapped. 

31. sitescout.com 
- Fully transparent - See and manage all the sites that displayed your ads.
- TArget by DMA and countries
- Target by gender and age
- Target by keywords, channels and categories.  


 With the launch our new "Blog Beast" platform right around the corner, our company our leadership and our affiliates are more excited than ever to bring a game-changing product to the market place, jam-packed with the power of our community and our amazing people.

The time to step into your power is: NOW. Do it. Unleash your inner BeastMode, and let's lock arms and change the world -- one person at a time.

Special thanks to all those who have supported this amazing launch, the tireless work our team has put in to make this all happen, and the support of our affiliates and leadership who are best in class and second to none! If you asked them though - they'd say "it's all worth is, because of the people's lives it impacts positively"... and they're right.

Join us. Let's rock this. The Blog Beast launches TODAY!

-Naveen Ullal

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